WeekDateAssignmentWriting Due
18/26Introduction to the class
28/31Read “Introduction: Why Science Needs Story” in Olson (pp. 1-21)Complete intro tasks
Sketch 1: Avatar
9/2Play Depression Quest
Listen to “The Landlord’s Game” 99% Invisible podcast (note the transcript)
39/7Henry Jenkins “Why Media Spreads” and Ian Bogost “Media MicroecologySketch 2: What’s in your bag?
9/9Ezra Klein Show “This Conversation Will Change How You Think about Trauma: Interview with Bessel Van Der Kolk” (transcript).
Podcast planning discussion
49/13Technology Literacy Narrative 1
9/14Olson, Houston 2: Thesis (24-65)Sketch 3: Visual Note Taking
9/16Joe Sacco, Paying the Land part 1: “You find yourself in a circle
59/21Olson, Houston 3: Antithesis — Methods: Narrative Tools, Word, Sentence (68-125)Sketch 4: Podcast Graphics
9/23Podcast planning
69/28Read and respond to each others’ literacy narratives
Listen to the first 25 minutes of “Suzanne Simard: Forests are Wired for Wisdom
9/30Olson, Houston 3: Antithesis — Methods: Paragraph and Results (127-73)
710/5Joe Sacco, Paying the Land part 4″
10/7Olson, Houston 3: Synthesis (176-232)Podcast 1 & 2
810/12No class: Fall Break
10/14Games Kickstarters:
John Company
Monumental Consequence
Earthborne Rangers
Jiangshi: Blood in the Banquet Hall
Artisans of Splendent Vale
Coyote and Crow
Podcast 3 & 4
910/19Forney, Marbles (3-4).Technology Literacy Narrative, Part 2
10/21Podcast 5 & 6
1010/26Sketch 5: HTML landing page
10/28Podcast 7 & 8
1111/2Sketch 6: Combophoto
11/4Podcast 9 & 10
1211/9Play The Funny Thing About the Deer and The Uncle Who Works for NintendoSketch 7: Music Mix
11/11Working on Twine gamesPodcast 11 & 12
1311/16Sketch 8: Recreate a Movie Scene
11/18Podcast 13 & 14
11/25No class: Thanksgiving
1511/30Twine games presentation
12/2Submit Twine game files & reflection post
1612/7Sketch 9: Assemblies
12/16Final Reflection Letter and portfolio due