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Voices Through the Mask

Covid. Covid. Covid. That’s all we have heard for the last year and a half, and it’s what we continue to hear every single day. The pandemic has reshaped the world and irreversibly changed the lives of each of us. 

This year, classes are back in-person, and things are finally transitioning back to what we used to deem as “normal” or into some sort of “new normal.” The pandemic is not over yet and we’re all still trying to understand what this all means. 

However, for all that we have heard and read about these changes, we still need to rethink our narratives and reflect more deeply about our days and nights, losses and gains, tears and smiles during these times. These reflections take time and require careful sifting through our memories, thoughts, and emotions alongside study of data and expert analyses. 

We think, and we hope you will too, that analyzing the stories we’re telling about the pandemic is important. Understanding the ways in which different leaders and experts are trying to persuade us to think and behave differently about or because of the pandemic will help to prepare us to face the unpredictable future ahead of us. 

So welcome to the Voices through the Mask Podcast, a production by students at Emory University in David Morgen’s New Media Writing class. We may need to speak through our masks to create this podcast, but we think we’ve got useful things to say about where we’ve been and where we are headed.