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I am Polar Express Girl

Recreating a Scene If you’re a black girl who has ever worn your hair in pigtails, you know e x a c t l y what I’m talking about. It doesn’t matter who it is, If you’re wearing a dress, simply vibing and sitting down with your hair like that, someone is going to call […]

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100% Coffee 100% Me

I thought what better way to wrap up everything I learned this semester than with the drink I love the most: coffee. Especially with the finals seasons, this seems to also be very fitting. Coffee has many types with a slightly different combination of ingredients in each which is what initially inspired me to create […]

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Secrete Recipe Leakage!

Hot news! The secrete recipe for Tony’s Burger House is leaked. Here is the structure of their Post Berger. The first thing is definitely the interesting Name as the top bun. It is picked delicately to catch customers’ eye. The second layer is the source of brainstorm reminders. Before the main dish, the chef needs […]

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sk9: Diagram For My Literacy Process as an Interface Product

Jump out the box of the physical architecture diagram! Let’s do an architectural diagram for a digital product that can utilize my PM skills and better carry out my “Data Architecture” literacy process This’s a flow diagram with an interface demo catered to “My Literacy Process” as a digital product, with audiences as output users and … Continue reading sk9: Diagram For My Literacy Process as an Interface Product

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