Month: November 2021

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Reflection on Podcast “Love in the Time of Covid”

For this podcast, we want to discuss people’s relationships during the time of Covid, especially about couples. During the Covid time, it is much harder to meet with everyone else than any time before. People are all forced to lock in their homes and communicate online. However, in this special time, we still see manyContinue reading “Reflection on Podcast “Love in the Time of Covid””

Student Posts

3 Idiots

The movie scene that I recreated is 3 idiots, a 2009 Indian Hindi-language coming-of-age comedy-drama film. This movie is famous for these three funny characters: Farhan, Raju, and Rancho. I fell in love with this movie when I first felt their positive and refreshing outlook on life. It is an informational movie that needs to […]

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[Producer Reflection] Public Health Graduate Program Admissions Amidst COVID

As a prospective Master of Public Health (MPH) student, I attended several online information sessions of graduate schools over the summer to learn more about their programs. One commonality I immediately noticed was not about the programs themselves but how all the admission counselors mentioned COVID-19 in some way during their presentations. This made meContinue reading “[Producer Reflection] Public Health Graduate Program Admissions Amidst COVID”

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What’s in my bag?

On a typical school day, I carry my laptop, my iPad– which I take most of my notes on, my spiral folder for papers/written notes, a calculator, my glasses, two pencils (one with red led and one with grey), a pen, my wallet, a head scarf, earphones, a snack/candy (licorice which I actually was not […]

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Sweet Cloud

The goal for this project was to splice two images together and make it look like a single image. I first thought of two things that have similar structures and textures, but weren’t the same object. The first thing that came to mind was cotton candy and clouds. In this image, I merged an image […]

Student Posts

Infectious Fashion

In our final podcast we discussed the latest fashion trends highlighted by the pandemic. And how being in a pandemic has shaped the way we present ourselves. This podcast featured Sebastian Gutierrez, an Emory student and our local fast fashion expert. You can listen to it here. After making two podcasts, I feel my group […]

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