Final Portfolio and Reflection Letter

Length: 1000 – 1250 words (4-5 pages)

Due date: 12/16

Look back over the writing you’ve encountered and produced this semester, and then draft a cover letter for your portfolio that explains what you have learned and how you have met the learning outcomes for this course. This letter is an opportunity to think about your writing and clarify — for yourself and portfolio readers — how your skills and awareness of your writing processes have grown this semester. Think of each piece of writing included in your portfolio as an “exhibit” that you are analyzing and reflecting on in this letter.

The purpose of the Portfolio Reflection Essay is to synthesize all of the learning about writing in new media that you’ve done this semester and to make an argument for how your portfolio provides evidence that you’ve met the learning outcomes for the course. Research has shown that when students reflect on what they’ve learned and think about how they can apply that knowledge in future writing situations, they’re more likely to successfully transfer their learning to future writing situations. One goal of the Portfolio Reflection Essay is to help you transfer your learning to new contexts in the future.

What should your letter do?

  • Guide your readers through the exhibits, discussing your writing while looking for larger patterns. What do you see about yourself as a writer when you step back and look at the work you’ve produced this semester? Make sure to analyze your podcast episode(s), the podcast series as a whole, your technology literacy narrative, and your twine game. You do not need to look at each sketch assignment, but you should also consider the sketch assignments all together as one more major assignment.
  • Discuss at least one piece of writing in depth, considering the stages of the writing process as it developed (either the literacy narrative or the podcast episode your were the lead producer on). How did you think about audience, purpose, or genre while you wrote this piece?
  • Explain how you have applied (or will apply in the future) insights from this course in your other classes or other rhetorical situations. Use specific examples, if possible.

Publishing your cover letter

The reflection essay should become the new home (or index) page for your course site and should begin with a note indicating that the site is an archive of the work that you completed as part of ENGRD 221 at Emory University during fall semester 2021. You should link to the course site, so that a reader who is going through your work can easily find out more information about the course you were in.

You should organize the work on your course site into a finished portfolio showing all the work you have done this semester. Make certain that your entire course subdomain looks complete, coherent, and like you’ve given some thought to its overall design and aesthetics. Include links in your menu to your group’s podcast episodes and Twine game.

Just like with any assignment you’ve completed this semester, your reflection letter should include at least one image (though you can certainly include more than one). You might consider using your Assemblies image as the primary or feature image for your letter — hopefully constructing that chart will help you to think about how the work you have completed this semester fits together, and hopefully it will help to communicate that understanding to your readers.