Love in the Time of Covid

Voices Through the Mask
Voices Through the Mask
Love in the Time of Covid

In such a stressful time of pandemic, people’s lives are heavily interrupted. The influences of covid on romantic relationships are various, both positive and negative. For some couples, they may build a stronger bond. Fighting side by side against the covid, trying to cope with lockdown under pandemic, and spending more time accompanying each other may bring two hearts closer; on the other hand, some couples who are separated due to the pandemic may have more quarrels and conflicts.

In this episode, we try to investigate into Covid’s impact on people’s romantic relationship. Thanks to our interviewees’ time and share, now we know what different types of couples experienced during the pandemic, and we manage to summarize their common places. We know that four people’s experiences are definitely not a large enough dataset to arrive at a universal law, so please feel welcomed to click to our website and leave a comment.


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