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What’s in my bag?

On a typical school day, I carry my laptop, my iPad– which I take most of my notes on, my spiral folder for papers/written notes, a calculator, my glasses, two pencils (one with red led and one with grey), a pen, my wallet, a head scarf, earphones, a snack/candy (licorice which I actually was not […]

Student Posts

My Bag

After sorting all the stuff on the table, I think I am an organized person but not an organized person in a pandemic situation. In my tote bag, I have an umbrella, computer, iPad, iPad pencil, two charges, my phone, my water bottle, and a bottle of medicine. I tried to bring as many thingsContinue reading “My Bag”

Student Posts

“It’s Dangerous To Go Alone! Take This.”: A Look at What I Carry With Me

Backpack: It’s sturdy, holds a lot of stuff and is, frankly, quite ugly. I’m a very utilitarian person and this backpack reflects that. I’m also not very sentimental so I don’t really put any stickers, keychains or other doodads on it. Notebook: Call me old-fashioned but I prefer writing down my notes to typing them.Continue reading “It’s Dangerous To Go Alone! Take This.”: A Look at What I Carry With Me”

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