Month: October 2021

Student Posts

Brand New Experience with Codes

Here is the link to my landing page: I do have some experiences playing around with codes, like R and Java, so I quickly understand the meaning of each sentence and the beginning and closing signals. However, adjusting the parameters copied from Professor Morgen’s css file is a brand new process. Instead of beingContinue reading “Brand New Experience with Codes”

Student Posts

Reflection: Unmasking “Unmasking the Memes”

When we were brainstorming for our “Unmasking the Memes” episode, we had a lot of trouble envisioning what the goal would ultimately be. We initially wanted to analyze the effect of general pandemic trends such as tiktok, presidential election, memes, cooking, etc on the mental health and well-being of people in the pandemic. There wereContinue reading “Reflection: Unmasking “Unmasking the Memes””

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