Technology Literacy Narrative, part 2

Due: 10/14

Length: 1000 words

Now that you’ve completed your technology literacy narratives and read your classmates’ narratives too, the next step of this assignment is to expand your narrative to respond to at least two of your peers’ narratives. You should have at least one direct quote from each of the classmates’ narratives you are responding to and you should link to their narrative.

One goal here is to create an interwoven network of narratives so that instead of just having a group of freestanding pieces, we have an interlocking network of narratives. Another is for you to be able to widen the focus of your narrative with this next step — rather than just focusing on your own direct experience, you will also be looking for patterns in the ways your classmates interact with technology and communication. Now you’re drawing evidence from at least three peoples’ experiences instead of just one. How does your argument shift as it expands? How does it become more nuanced or complex?

Copy your first literacy narrative into a new page, rename it to indicate that it’s the draft, and publish it to your site. Make sure it’s in your menu. Then revise the existing page to become the new second version of your narrative.


Then publish a second reflection post, which links to your revised technology literacy narrative. That reflection post should provide a compelling preview of your narrative that summarizes your controlling idea in a sentence or two and it should reflect on what you have learned in the process of writing your literacy narrative. You should answer some of these questions:

  • How did you revise your argument when you included some of your peers’ narratives within your own? Did it make you think differently about the draft you had originally written? How did that help you to see the story you were trying to tell in different terms?
  • What strategies did you notice your classmates using in their narratives that made you rethink how you approached your own?
  • Was there anything that you found surprising when you read your classmates’ narratives and thought about them in relation to your own?
  • How did working on these two literacy narrative drafts help you to meet the learning outcomes for this class?