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Voices Through the Mask and Beyond

Voicing through the mask, Bowen’s interviewee shared the experiences of exploring unexpected romantic scenarios created by Covid. Voicing through the mask, Saketh’s team found that

Infectious Fashion

Let’s face it. Moving from pressuring professional environments to the comfortable confines of our homes pushed many individuals to stop paying attention to their aesthetics

Trauma: An Overused Trope

Through changing work environments, social lives, family dynamics, politics and the shifting economy, the pandemic has been a turbulent time. During this time of uncertainty,

Zooming Through Doom

The use of zoom in education during the covid-19 pandemic has significantly altered how students learn and is often criticized for making academic life more

Love in the Time of Covid

In such a stressful time of pandemic, people’s lives are heavily interrupted. The influences of covid on romantic relationships are various, both positive and negative.

Cook’n Covid

Many people are trapped home during pandemic. Therefore, we notice many people tried to do some cooking at home for different reasons. However, with our

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